January 13th, Zürich: Today the Swiss fintech startup keycount announces its partnership with the European open banking leader, Aiia - a Mastercard company. With access to the capabilities of open banking keycount is set to bring its users a one-stop-shop of liquidity management - a platform set to be launched in the German market during 2022.

The partnership is set to complement keycounts’ wealth aggregation solution. With the partnership keycount is going to be the first provider in Germany to build a fully interoperable platform making it possible for consumers to gather all financial accounts and assets in one interface. 

Aiia is going to provide an essential building block for keycounts success, ensuring the seamless and instant connection to all banks in Germany and further European markets.

Commenting on the partnership, CEO & Co-Founder of keycount, Arman Öztürk says:

“We’re delighted to sign this agreement with Aiia, which will allow us to build out our platform and remove hassle from liquidity management for our users. From the very first second the Aiia team gave us a good feeling and showed us their strong commitment to help startups. With a good understanding of our mission we’re happy to take our next steps with Aiia as a vital partner in our further product development plans”

Commenting on the partnership, SMB & Fintech Director of Aiia, Tanya Slavova says:

“We’re thrilled to be a part of yet another brilliant fintech ride and we’re looking forward to seeing the keycount platform grow in the German market in the near future. With the access to Aiia we’ll bring the keycount journey up to speed and help them increase customer convenience through open banking making it possible to become a go-to financial super app.”


For more information or inquiries please contact:

Rune Krogh Kallehauge, Head of PR, Aiia, a Mastercard company, Tel +4525727014, rk@aiia.eu

Domenik Duhanaj, CMO, keycount GmbH, Tel: +41 79 776 85 01, domenik.duhanaj@key-count.com

About keycount:
Founded in Switzerland in 2021, keycount connects all the users financial accounts and apps and centralizes them in one place – one app with one login. For the users provides keycount an overview and analysis over all accounts and assets and offers fast, cheap, and interoperable transactions to any account anywhere. Anybody chooses from which account to spend and can pay with NFC, card or P2P. 

Another feature is to send money directly to his or her personal social media contacts and make person-to-person payments or daily purchases with onboarded businesses. At the same time, every user can make an impact with every payment, as a small portion of each transaction goes to a freely selectable impact partner. 

This solution gives everyone the freedom to choose his bank or crypto accounts freely while making it easy to keep an overview and very convenient to use and spend from multiple accounts. For businesses, this offers a unique customer relationship that is integrated with social media while offering customers a sustainable payment method.

About Aiia:
Aiia is the most experienced open banking platform in Europe, with more than a decade of experience in fintech and hundreds of clients servicing both businesses and consumers with open banking empowered services.

Based in Denmark, the company's mission has always been to empower people to bring their financial data into play safely and transparently. Aiia’s platform allows businesses and financial institutions to integrate financial data and to offer account-to-account payments directly in their services to the estimated reach of 337 million European citizens. 

Today, Aiia has more than 2,900 connected banks across Europe, it processes more than 10 million bank logins and more than a million account-to-account payments every month for large banks and e-commerce payment gateways. 

The leading open banking platform was recently acquired by Mastercard and it provides open banking services to a long list of financial institutions, fintechs and payment solution providers including Lunar, Danske Bank, Santander, OP Financial Group, DNB, Pleo and more.