Celebration time! We just received our payment initiation service provider license

September 04, 2019 | Louise Basse

We’re incredibly proud to announce that we’ve recently secured our payment initiation service provider (PISP) license from the Danish FSA. This means that we’re now authorised to offer instant account-to-account payments to businesses and consumers from any bank to any account.

Being one of the first businesses in Denmark to obtain the new license puts us in a unique position to lead the charge towards a fairer, more competitive payment industry that will benefit businesses and consumers more than ever.

“This next step in real-time payments will redefine the payment industry radically. Now, retails, banks and fintechs can build fast and user-driven payment solutions at a fraction of the price of traditional payment methods. And that will change the way we think about payments,” explains our CEO, Rune Mai.

Because of new EU legislation, businesses across different industries are able to innovate on top of financial data and offer personalised payment options that are fit for the future.

Soon, we’ll launch our own multi-purpose payment solution that will enable consumers to perform instant and tailored account-to-account payments in any digital service.

Essentially, that means our clients’ end users will be able to pay friends, build automatic savings tools and integrate easy check-out payments on top of our service.