Focus on growing your business

Automate your users' manual tasks and reduce the risk of human errors by allowing them to connect their financial data to your service. We give you the freedom to put the power of the online bank directly into your service. All it takes is a single connection with Aiia.

Dual access coverage across Europe.

License as a service. Go live fast at a lower cost.

Out of the box onboarding flows.

Meaningful account and transaction data.

Effortless integration

With our plug-and-play platform, you can super-charge your service with your users' financial data within days instead of months. We clean up messy bank transactions – and we even got the right licenses, so you don’t have to worry about any of that.

A seamless connection flow

Say goodbye to building complex connection flows. We provide an out-of-the-box, reliable connection, continuous management of the integration and comprehensive categorisation of financial data.

Full customer control

The Aiia Hub delivers complete transparency to your customers so they always have full control over their data and the services they share their data with. Nothing is stored or shared without the consent of your customers.

Improve your services today by connecting your customers’ financial data

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