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The new era of payments

Enable your customers to perform frictionless and secure payments directly from their bank accounts. Our Payment Initiation Service API gives you access to low-cost, instant payments today. We support important local payment schemes such as BankGiro / PlusGiro and Girokort alongside European wide SEPA Credit Transfers.

Better data. Better solutions.

Power your digital solution with data from banks all across Europe. Our Account Information Service API enables you to build unique, personalised services with ease. Join hundreds of front-running European businesses enabling the future of finance with our reach of 337 million Europeans. 

Quality over quantity

We take our time in each market before going live: analysing, interpreting and creating dialogue with local authorities. This ensures we deliver a heritage-founded level of quality that's second to none.

Compliant & Secure

We make sure our customers both understand and play by the rules of each market we operate in. Our security-centric model is based on a test-and-destroy approach to what we build, so no "outsiders" ever find the cracks before we do.

Privacy by design

It's integrated into everything we do and in all the products we design. It's our promise that the steps we take and the solutions we make with never perform an action that the person sharing data didn't want or expect to have happen.

Easy access to European markets

We invite any company, large or small, from any industry anywhere in the world to join us on our fast track to Europe. No matter if you’re a financial institution, payments company, ERP/accounting provider, fintech or startup, we have solutions for you.

Take the lead. Innovate today.

With the EU payment directive PSD2 in place, banks are required to give third parties access to banking data. Now, all businesses are able to create new services that people love — and offer new ways to initiate payments. Get started today with Aiia.

Solid ground for unknown territory

Built on the strong privacy-by-design principle, Aiia provides the highest security, as well as PSD2 and GDPR compliance, that surpasses industry standards, ensuring full transparency into data processing and full control of end-user data.

Hear it from our customers

Aiia ♥ developers

That’s why we designed Aiia with a clear focus on simplicity. Easy to build with. Easy to set up. Easy to love.