For businesses

Build instant business solutions, such as low-cost invoice payments and account management across banks and borders, with our innovative payment initiation service. We cover all business accounts across Europe.

For consumers

Create payment solutions that people love. Our simple payment initiation service connects you to hundreds of banks, so you can create seamless payment flows at lower costs and reduced risks.

Instant account-to-account payments

Why waste time and money on expensive fees when you can initiate fast and secure payments at a fraction of the price? Perform instant payments from banks all across Europe today.

Enable top-ups in seconds

Building the next big neo bank, travel card or fuel card? Integrate instant account-to-account payments directly into your service to create seamless top-up payments and save substantial costs on expensive credit card fees.

Simplest checkout possible

Checkout flows should be incredibly fast and convenient. Skip the hassle and empower your customers with a streamlined checkout flow with the fewest clicks, taps or swipes possible. Our payment initiation platform lets you perform payments without prior knowledge of the user.

Powerful invoicing

Manual invoicing belongs in the past. With our payment initiation service, you’re easily able to create fast and seamless invoicing options that allow your customers to make direct invoice payments instead of going through long invoicing processes.

Keep your customers in control with Strong Customer Authentication

We’re all about security and PSD2 compliance. We operate at the same security level as banks and our service uses Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

We’ve got you covered

We can support all B2B and B2C accounts in Europe. With one simple integration, you can enable instant payments between millions of European accounts.

List of supported banks

Paytrail empowers millions of open banking payments

Powered by Aiia, Paytrail enables ecommerce for more than 20,000 merchants and online shoppers, providing greater choice with new payment options and a more hassle-free online checkout experience.  

“We looked for an open banking platform with a strong team and a desire to take things in a new way. In retrospect, it can be said that this was a success,” says Paytrail’s Chief Operating Officer, Joni Rautanen.  

How Avarda boosted its checkout solutions with open banking

Avarda has always had a relentless focus on putting the retailer’s and merchant’s brand first. That’s why Avarda offers a true white label solution that puts the retailers’ brands in focus throughout the entire customer journey.  

To provide an even smoother checkout experience, Avarda teamed up with Aiia to boost its core payment products with open banking. Deep dive into the use case and see how Avarda powered its checkout solutions with open banking.

Secure Trust Bank provides more payment flexibility

Secure Trust Bank teamed up with Aiia to offer more choice and flexibility to its customers through open banking payments. Now, Secure Trust Bank’s customers can easily repay retail finance in a few clicks.  

The result? Instantly after pushing the new feature live, 30 percent of customers chose to pay through the ‘Easy Bank Transfer’ option.

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