Frictionless payments for you and your customers

Anyone with a bank account can initiate a payment in seconds with Aiia Pay. It’s as simple as that.

Easy integration and significantly reduced regulatory burden means you’re able to go live within days. No PSD2 license required.

Secure, fraud-reducing flows via Strong Customer Authorisation keep users confident and in control.

Keep customers in your service by automating payment workflows directly from your application.

Direct account-to-account payment initiation means improved liquidity and cash flow management.

Powering your use cases

For online shops

Start receiving convenient payments from any customer with a bank account using Aiia Pay in your service. Strong customer authorisation means only the bank account owner can initiate a payment, so you can reduce the risk of fraud, gain better control of your cash flow and build higher conversions.

For paying bills

Empower customer to pay their bills or invoices with a click using a simple but powerful link. Because customers no longer need to volley back and forth between your service and their bank, you’ll be able to reduce potential errors and save time, while your customers will enjoy low-cost payments with no extra transaction fees.

For topping up accounts

For topping up accounts Aiia Pay is a one stop shop where users can instantly top up their accounts directly in your service. Simply allow them to top up wallets, virtual accounts, apps and more in just a few frictionless and fair-cost steps compared to other payment methods out there.

Build convenient and meaningful payment services today with Aiia Pay

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