Business accounts

As one of the leading platforms in Europe, we cover all B2B accounts. Create tailor-made services for businesses, such as automated accounting, real-time credit scoring, and a valuable B2B account overview across different banks.

Personal accounts

Empower customers with user-driven services, including personal finance management and proactive spending insights. Build convenient services that suit people’s way of living on top of real-time data from banks all across Europe.

Meaningful data

To make bank data more meaningful and uniform, our API normalises all data it retrieves which makes it easier for you to innovate on top of.

Real-time account and transaction information

Power your solution with valuable account and transaction details from banks all across Europe - all enabled by our seamless log-in flow.

In-depth transaction details

In addition to the standard transaction data, our API provides you with an extended level of transaction details, such as the card used for payments, currency conversion and messages for the recipient.

Doing things the compliant way

Everything we do revolves around security and PSD2 compliance. We’re always compliant with local legislation and cooperate closely with the local FSAs on new regulation to empower smaller businesses to innovate on top of financial data.

We never store data

As a stateless service, we never store any credentials or account data. We facilitate a secure login – you control the data.

Danske Bank: An Open Banking front-runner

With Aiia Enterprise, Danske Bank’s customers are able to get a full financial overview across Nordic banks via Danske Bank’s mobile bank.

With access to both B2C and B2B accounts, Danske Bank has also launched an innovative B2B solution, Undock, which enables businesses with accounts in several banks to manage their finances in one place.

Dinero: The future of automated accounting

To leverage Open Banking, Dinero partnered up with Aiia Enterprise. With access to all bank accounts in the Nordics, Dinero helps more than 220.000 clients optimize their accounting process:

“With Aiia Enterprise, we’re able to offer new and automated accounting solutions to all our clients. Enterprise has made it very easy for us to solve a big customer demand, as we have access to bank data from all banks.” Martin Thorborg, CEO at Dinero.

Spiir: Denmark’s most popular money app

Powered by Aiia Enterprise, Spiir is our own consumer-facing money app. 400.000 users across Europe, Spiir automatically connects to any account to analyse and categorise transactions.

To make Millennials more financially aware, Spiir crunches the numbers and encourage its users to make smarter financial decisions based on data.

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