Launch of new growth programme helps lift SMB open banking innovation

August 03, 2021 | Rune Kallehauge

Thinking about adding open banking services to your solution? Using data to build a loyalty or PFM app? Employing payments to top up your solution or accepting payments for services in your app?

Then you've come to the right place. 

At Aiia we've built a European open banking infrastructure with a strong strategic focus on quality of rails, simplicity and compliance with local laws and regulation. We've spent years operating in the Nordics to build the platform together with large-scale banks. The result has been the establishment of a model for building quality into an open banking market where the PSD2 interfaces of banks might not always deliver on that agenda.

Aiia currently offers access to 3,000+ banks across most European countries. Through one simple API, you can enable your customers to fetch data or perform payments easily and securely directly from their bank accounts. The goal is to reach high quality in all European markets fast and, just as Aiia did in the Nordics, done in close collaboration with customers. 

We're therefore inviting small- and medium-sized businesses with any use case to access open banking that simply works through our Aiia for SMBs growth programme. 

The programme will give up to 50 SMBs access to our open banking platform six months for free. On top of that, we're adding enterprise-level SLA and instant support throughout the programme to ensure that your open banking journey will succeed. 

Here are just a few of the benefits the programme can offer your business:

How does the programme work? 

The Aiia for SMBs growth programme is dedicated to helping businesses like yours shape the future of finance by improving European open banking rails for all. We partner our open banking know-how, expertise and powerful platform performance with businesses who think like us - companies that are eager to change, challenge and create the financial services of tomorrow to bolster innovation and boost customer experiences.

As the craftsmen of open banking innovation, we’re committed to working alongside your business to ensure your infrastructure is second to none. Together, we'll produce the high-quality results we're proud of to help you shape the future of financial services. You’ll get enterprise-level service and support from our dedicated Aiia team that will help scale your technology and grow your business. 

When you grow, we grow.

As the most experienced open banking provider in Europe, we’ve spent over a decade in the Nordic markets as the open banking originals, ensuring each and every bank interface is matured and of the highest productive value to the end user. 

If fact, many businesses just like yours have already partnered with our platform, allowing us to successfully service millions with a stable connection that supports the hassle-free performance of instant payments in any context. Combined with our ability to provide convenient access to financial data, we enable consumers and businesses from any industry with any use case to create next-generation financial experiences that improve lives and increase bottom lines.

The complete programme package allows you to:

  • Partner with a team that’s dedicated to your needs, will provide insight on how to best optimise your IT infrastructure and will help you establish connectivity in our sandbox - so you can get started immediately.
  • Perform account-to-account payments at a low-fixed fee. No hassle, no upfront costs, no commitments.
  • Build seamless workflows via access to financial data free for six months. 
  • Push your product live within days and start seeing results faster than ever before.


Who can join the programme? 

We're looking for growth programme participants in the following markets: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Use cases can be personal account data or payments or business account data or payments.

But you'll need to act fast. The Aiia for SMBs growth programme is limited to 50 front-running business cases and spots are filling quickly. So reach out today and secure your access to a dedicated team from Europe's most experienced open banking provider.