Meet Aiia at Money 20/20 Europe

September 15, 2021 | Rune Kallehauge

The floodgates are now open to connect Europe's leading financial services under one roof. We can’t wait to see you all during the week in Amsterdam.

We're excited to announce that we're bringing open banking that simply works to this year’s Money 20/20 Europe.

As a part of this year's event, three of Aiia's thought leaders will be attending in Amsterdam to support the rapidly growing demand for open banking empowerment in the financial services, fintech, banking and payments sectors across the breadth of the entire European landscape. This is a chance for you to meet our:

Chief Revenue Officer - Jozef Klaassen  

Head of Banking - Jonas Vogt Rasmussen 

Ready to shape the future of financial services with Europe's most experienced open banking provider? Don’t hesitate to book a meeting below or connect directly with our team through the official Money 20/20 Connections App

"What should an open data economy look like?"

Our CEO & Founder, Rune Mai, is on the agenda for this year's event and you can get to see him in action as a part of the 'Think Tank' on Wed 22 September from 14:00-15:00, where he, alongside industry peers, will be discussing: “What should an open data economy look like?

Full session description:

With the inevitable progression from open banking to open data economy, the financial services industry can play an important role in becoming the trusted core for the orchestration of data and payment flows between industry players. Let's move beyond open banking and map out what the industry would look like if we were building an open data economy. How will the competitive structure change? What will be the role of financial organisations? How will it change the technological fabric on which the financial services are built and delivered?

The Aiia way: Bringing high-quality open banking to all of Europe

At Aiia, we’ve expanded our open banking platform to the rest of Europe with the same mission as we’ve had in the Nordics – to create open banking that simply works.

To build truly innovative and personalised services with open banking in any market, you need an open banking platform that works in every aspect – and that’s easier said than done in a space that’s still struggling to comply with regulatory requirements. 

That’s why we decided to work with the industry from the very beginning. And we’re continuing to do so in our journey across Europe. But what does it actually mean to do that and why did we decide to take that approach to open banking? 

Put simply, we’ve always focused on three guiding principles to create an open banking platform that’s second-to-none:  

Quality over quantity: We took an early decision to work with the industry to make sure we generate quality connections in a market before we actually say we're live in a market. That's why we call ourselves craftsmen of open banking. 

Privacy by design: A principle that makes sure financial data is never shared or used in unintentional ways. With Aiia, there’s simply no way of not respecting privacy because it’s a fundamental element in the platform we’ve built. 

Secure and compliant: Strongly linked to our privacy by design model, being secure and compliant is a testament to the effort we’ve put into analysing and interpreting regulation in different markets. 

With Aiia, we’re already empowering more than 130 banks and fintechs - and we’re dedicated to exhibiting our open banking craftsmanship skills even more so with new partners.

Join us and let's power the future of financial services together.

See you in Amsterdam!