Top open banking and fintech events for H1 2020

February 10, 2020 | Rune Kallehauge

Check out our choices for top events happening throughout 2020, where we’ll be attending and speaking at many of them. Did we miss anything or do you have an event to share? Feel free to let us know at and we’ll pass it along to fellow followers.


10 - 14 February 2020
Stockholm, Sweden

Sthlm Fintech Week is an annual event bringing together thought-leaders to foster new connections and enhance collaboration. During the week, nine different fintech verticals, dozens of world-class experts and hundreds of participants join forces and share their experience. We're attending to discuss and share our use cases and opportunities of open banking within RegTech, InsurTech, lending, payments, accounting and more. 

Meet Bjørn Eyde to hear about how Nordic API Gateway can enable you with an easy plug-in-and-play solution to create frictionless financial futures for all. 


11 - 13 February 2020 
Berlin, Germany

What’s in store for 2020 and what can we expect of open banking in the future? The payment landscape is changing as banks, fintechs and payment providers compete to own their interface and initiate instant account-to-account payments at a fraction of the price. 

Get in touch with Michael Juul Andersen to get a live demo of Nordic API Gateway’s latest open banking solutions and the cutting-edge infrastructure in the Nordics and soon Europe. 

18 - 20 February 2020
Berlin, Germany

MPE 2020 welcomes leading European professionals from merchants, acquirers, PSPs as well as start-ups and fintechs to discuss, network and explore new opportunities within merchant payments. Nordic API Gateway is nominated as the Most Influential Payment Provider at the MPE Awards because we go deep and wide with our bank connections to provide 99 percent bank coverage in Nordics and soon Europe. In this way, we enable partners with world-class performance of account-to-account payments and access to account information. 

Meet Kin Lam to hear more about our use cases with merchants and tier 1 banks such as DNB, OP Financial Group and Danske Bank and learn how they see tremendous value for their businesses when developing customer-centric solutions.  

24 February 2020
Copenhagen, Denmark

To help give back to the Nordic FinTech ecosystem, Nordic API Gateway is an official partner of Copenhagen Fintech Lab. We work closely with the lab to help its members innovate and create entirely new fintech solutions on top of banking data from any bank in the Nordics and soon the rest of Europe.  

Nordic API Gateway will participate in the Demo Day to inspire those who are interested in open banking and want to build convenient solutions. Get in touch with Rune Kallehauge to know more about the partnership or the demo.  

26 - 27 February 2020
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Staying ahead of market trends and being compliant go hand-in-hand with the open banking movement. Adding AI, trading and investment to your open banking offering will be the next step. The game of personal banking is changing and Nordic API Gateway support customers with API technology which enables financial institutions to build cutting-edge solutions that transform the customer experience across the Nordics.

Get in touch with us to discover how you can take advantage of open banking and get access to all banks in the Nordics and soon the rest of Europe. 

10 - 11 March 2020 
Madrid, Spain

Brings together the prime movers from established players and FinTechs across Europe’s banking and payments ecosystem to discuss the impact of PSD2 on the payment landscape and how banks can stay relevant in a competitive market. Nordic API Gateway will bring its leading open banking infrastructure and use cases on how banks are already taking the next step towards owing their infrastructure and build convenient solutions. 

Meet Michael Juul Andersen to hear how you can monetise open banking in your field. 

11 March 2020 
Copenhagen, Denmark 

Our CEO and Co-founder Rune Mai is speaking at the leading conference on digital transformation in the Nordics. With the strongest speaker line-up to date, we'll explore the intersection between technology, creativity and entrepreneurship. To drive business growth in a fast-paced digital environment, organisations will need to think human first and adopt a beginner’s mindset while learning how to organise, operate and behave as a digital native. 

Meet Rune Mai to hear more about Nordic API Gateway is enabling frictionless financial futures for all businesses and people.

BY Nordic API Gateway 
March 2020
Copenhagen, Denmark

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19 - 20 March 2020 
Stockholm, Sweden 

Get ready to uncover the key challenges and build a pathway into booming your banking activities of the new decade. Join the conversation of the importance of PSD2 merchant implementation, exploring the collaboration of Nordic banks, Nordic tech-payment ecosystem, technology and digital trends. 

Meet Bjørn Eyde to learn more about Nordic API Gateway's open banking platform that empowers everyone to innovate with easy access to account information and account-to-account payments at a fraction of the price.

22 April 2020 
Copenhagen, Denmark

Digital transformation is at the core of most fintech startups and an emerging subject for the banking sector. Through the opportunities of open banking come the demand of digital natives as followed the wider fintech movement. We work closely with our partners to develop new technology and knowledge to reach new markets and customers.

Meet Bjørn Eyde to hear more about how you can take advantage of open banking, build convenient solutions and payment initiation for your customers at a fraction of the cost.

25 - 29 May 2020 
Copenhagen, Denmark 

Join us at this year's fintech week in Copenhagen and reach out to Rune Kallehauge to hear more about Nordic API Gateway and our activities at the event.    

16 - 18 June 2020 
London, United Kingdom 

Nordic API Gateway's CEO and Co-founder Rune Mai is speaking at this year's Money 2020. Nordic API Gateway is a fast-growing open banking platform that is helping start-ups, ERP, retails and banks innovate new solutions to the benefit of consumers and businesses. The goal is to make it easier for anyone to build financial services on top of bank data in Europe and accelerate financial innovation. Customers already count large banks such as Danske Bank, Jyske Bank, DNB and OP Financial Group. The gateway project has already launched live merchants payments with PSD2.

Get in touch with Rune Mai to meet him at Money 2020.