What will define the future of accounting?

January 30, 2020 | Louise Basse

For the past many decades, ERP and accounting tasks have often involved long, manual processes that have not lived up to the promise of digitalisation – until now. 

With the arrival of open banking, the ERP software market is estimated to reach $70.3B by 2025. But how do ERP and accounting systems actually automate processes to reduce time and resources – and stay on top of competition? 

We had a chat with one of our newest customers, Keepers, and their CEO Andreas Østergaard Borris to explore how they created the future of ERP with Nordic API Gateway. 

User-driven solutions in just a few days 

On a mission to automate bookkeeping for small and medium-sized businesses, Keepers is a Danish consulting and accounting company that's at the forefront of digitalisation.   

To optimise its outsourcing services, Keepers recently teamed up with Nordic API Gateway to get access to real-time data from any business account in the Nordics. In just a few days, Keepers had their integration with Nordic API Gateway up and running, which allows them to optimise processes and reduce manual work, as Keepers’ CEO Andreas Østergaard Borris explains: 

“With Nordic API Gateway, we can get started working on our customers’ accounting and outsourcing tasks right away because we have instant access to their bank data. That has a huge value for our customers, who no longer need to manually download files from their online bank and send it to us – and we don’t have to wait for NemID to have access to bank data.” 

A ‘one-stop shop’ for businesses 

One of the reasons why Andreas founded Keepers back in 2014 was to make life easier for small and medium-sized businesses. To do that, Keepers is all about building a ‘one-stop shop’ outsourcing experience for their customers when it comes to accounting, bookkeeping, reporting and other outsourced tasks: 

“Our customers should get the experience that we’re at the forefront of digitalisation and technology when they’re using our product. We want to make it super easy to use our service; that’s why we don’t want to onboard a wide range of third-party products in our platform. With Nordic API Gateway, we simply use the technology to create a one-stop shop that empowers our customers to handle their accounting tasks without having to use ten different logins,” he says. 

Next up? Smooth expense management 

But the journey doesn’t stop there for Keepers. Recently, the company acquired the expense management app Outlay. According to Andreas Østergaard Borris, the team at Keepers is already working on a version two of the app, based on Nordic API Gateway’s bank connections across all business and personal accounts: 

“We’re building a new expense management app that’s connected to the customers’ bank accounts in real-time with Nordic API Gateway. With that, customers are able to do instant bank reconciliation on the go that’s based on the transaction and not on the outlay itself. That’s a big game-changer for a lot of businesses that are struggling to find the right transaction and receipt at the end of the month,” Andreas concludes. 

Are you curious to explore how you can optimise your ERP and accounting solutions? Feel free to reach out to us or check out how you can automate your services with access to real-time data.